Trailer industry

Sideboards • floor profiles • finishing profiles • hinges and locks

Caralu supplies a substantial part of its extensive range of aluminium profiles and components to the trailer industry.

Regardless of whether you require sideboards for flat-bed trailers, floors for car transporters or profile systems for closed bodies or horseboxes or trailers, Caralu is your partner for the truck and trailer industry. Our customers include both manufacturers and brand dealers who offer their customers bespoke solutions. 

Caralu supplies an extensive range of aluminium profiles and components for the trailer sector. These include sideboard profiles of 300, 350, 400 mm, floor profiles of 18 & 30 mm, sideboard latches and board hinges.

Horseboxes and closed trailers

Caralu carries an extensive range of profiles for the light segment of closed box bodies, including 18 mm sideboard and finishing profiles, top/sideboard rails, door and stop profiles, and floors in various heights. Moreover, we supply an extensive range of corresponding components and accessories, such as stainless steel latches and hinges.

Thanks to our countless years of experience in the trailer industry and close cooperation with our suppliers, we can assist you in meeting literally any requirement or challenge in the field of aluminium profiles, components and hinges and locks. Caralu also carries out customer specific processing including sawing, drilling, milling and assembly. If you have any questions about this, we would be pleased to inform you of the various possibilities.

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